The nearest Source of Drinking Water in León

You are in León and search for an Source of Drinking Water nearby? Simply press the 'locate' symbol and you are instantly provided with the route and useful information of the Access to Clean Water that is closest to you. The interactive map features familiar functions such as zooming and panning the map section. And with the optional location list you can easily browse through the surrounding Accesses to Clean Water.

45 in León

36 in the adjacent regions

Sources of Drinking Waterdensity
San Andrés del Rabanedo 11 0.17/km²
Valdefresno 9 0.09/km²
Valverde de la Virgen 6 0.09/km²
Villaquilambre 5 0.09/km²
Sariegos 3 0.08/km²
Villaturiel 2 0.04/km²

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Many people in the world don’t have an easy access (or no access at all) to clean drinking water. This finder will reduce this problem. Just use the localization and get an information on the next drinking water source in your area! The web service faces one of the most important global issues, the water supply.

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